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Oct 26 Marine seating

Marine seating

Our company UES USA Inc. is the largest manufacturer of marine seating in the  USA.

Our passenger marine seating is certified by the U.S Coast Guard. We take pride in making the ultimate stylish, comfortable and lightweight marine seats.

We are working with the U.S Navy for various marine seating installations.

Our products are better in many ways compared to our competition. Our marine seats have the lowest weight per passenger ratio. This is the secret of lightweight seats.

Our marine  seating products are cost-effective with high durability and easy maintenance. We also have our own expert team to provide installation.

Certification and production

Our products are safe for use in international waters. The International Maritime Organization certifies the same. It has also been fireload certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. All our marine seats are produced in Fullerton, USA.

Portfolio of our company

We have an association with the U.S. Navy for many years with over hundreds of installation. We have also worked with many other international companies. A list of a few associated companies is as follows.

  • USNS Spearhead – Military Sealift Command of the US Navy.
  • Port Jefferson & Bridgeport Steamboat Company of New York, USA.
  • Alaska Marine Highway of Alaska, USA.
  • Captain Cook Cruises of Sydney, Australia.
  • Sydney Party Bus of Australia.
  • Servicios Industriales De La Marina of Peru.
  • Hobart Jet Boats of Hobart, Australia.

A wide range of exterior and interior marine seats

Our seats are comfortable, stylish, modern and light in weight. We have a wide range of customizable marine seating. We also have a wide variety of luxurious fabrics customisable interior seating. All our marine seats are made with precision and are perfectly safe for use in international waters. Here is a brief description of both our exterior and interior seating.

  • Newport: These easy to install and low maintenance chairs are made of aluminum. The seats are either anodized or powder coat finish.
  • Island bench: This type of bench style seating comes in different colors. They are designed for deck mounting. It is made of aluminum and is lightweight. These are ideal for interior and exterior seating.
  • Slat bench: This is also a bench style seat and made of aluminum. These are ideal for deck mounting and are either anodised or powder coat finished.

Furthermore, we have six varieties of premium interior chair style seating.

  • G force: These seats have high back and integrated headrest with four standard widths. They are very comfortable for interior seating as it comes with reclining option.
  • Marine lounge: This bench style seating is customizable. It is ideal for indoor seating only. They are upholstered and made of aluminium.
  • Luxform fold up: These are three standard seat width seats. It can be directly mounted on deck. This is a type of fold up seats with automatic spring action.
  • Sea force: These seats are having four standard seat widths and three standard seat heights. The static passenger seats are ideal for both interior and exterior seating. They are customisable as per requirement.
  • Counter stool: These seats are made with 360-degree swivel and return. The height of this seat is customisable in proportion to the height of the deck . Optional footrest is also available on demand. They have two standard seat widths.

Installation, maintenance and warranty

We have our own expert team of a group of technicians for installation. If you choose our installation team we quote the price inclusive of all. Our installations are cost-effective and major mistakes are avoided. Our team works with the utmost responsibility and expertise. Rules of installation are described below.

  • We complete the installation in the period already stated in the quote.
  • You can change the installation schedule with prior notice.
  • We need unobstructed access to the vessel for installation.
  • Your cooperation is expected in the whole process of installation.
  • It is easier for us to work when you keep the floor free from debris.

We also provide an extended warranty of 3 years with our installation. Our products have after sales customer support and maintenance.

Change the old look of your vessel and impress your passengers with our wide range of passenger marine seating.