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Maritime Passenger Seats

Our company is focused and passionate about excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative lightweight seating for fast ferries, military vessels, work boats and offshore support vessels.
We have a large range of seats covering a variety of applications. Our seats are made in Fullerton, California, USA and are fully Buy-America Compliant.
Ferry boat operators need lite-weight seats that are strong and have a modern ergonomic design at a better price.

We offer the best marine seat value considering the ease of installation and seat weight per passenger ratio.

UES Seating is conducting a comprehensive set of mechanical and fireload tests to ensure the safety of boat passengers.

Our marine seats are certified by International Maritime Organization for safe use in international waters and we are the only marine seat manufacturer in the USA with fire-load certification from US Coast Guard
We supplied US Navy for many years with hundreds of marine seats installed on several ships and we continue to provide new seat installations and spare parts.

When you replace your old outdated boat seats with UES USA Inc marine seats your vessel will look more modern and fresh and your passengers will feel better.

We offer a comprehensive warranty and after-sale customer support on all our marine seats and accessories sold.

Option 1. Hire our expert installation technician to Assist and oversee your existing installation crew to start or during your project.
– The Benefit is that your installation will be perfect without any costly mistakes. We will also increase your existing warranty.

Option 2. UES USA Inc will send a team of expert installers and complete your installation from start to finish.
– The Benefit is that we are responsible of the whole installation and we will offer a 3 year warranty.

precision machining

3 to 5 Axis Precision Machining

Our work experience includes aerospace (SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin), military (Army, Navy), automotive and motorcycle industries (Harley-Davidson), Oil&Gas (Varco), tool & die, molds and commercial work.

Our highly trained machinists allow us quicker set-ups and the faster run-times. Our constant upgrades in the latest tooling technology and carbide inserts makes this possible. Our machines allow us to give you fast turnaround on multiple parts.

We have the latest software for your CNC programing needs with the ability to generate various file formats including: STEP, IGES, .DXF, STL, SLDPRT etc.

We design and manufacture custom tooling and molds including, metal casting molds, polyurethane & rubber molds and plastic injection molds.

Our shop includes CAT50 & CAT40 CNC Horizontal 25″ pallets, 4,000 to 10,000 RPM, full 4th axis and CNC Vertical mills capable to running 4 and 5 axis parts, up to 52″ X 24″ x 24″ in volume and up to 4,000 lb.

marine truck hardware

Marine & Truck Hardware

We are offering a diverse range of hardware products for marine, work truck and trailer applications:

  • Fasteners – catch plate, corner fastener with lock, draw latch
  • Hinges – continuous, lift off hinges, gate, flap, door, stainless hinges
  • Handles – chest, grab, L, T, swing, tong & rod handles
  • Locks – bin door, cam & compression locks, drop T, paddle&rotary latches latches
  • Gas Struts –
  • Rubber – mats, rubber buffers,extrusions, channel, pinch-weld&seal, self-adhesive
  • Ventilation hardware – vents, diffusers, hatches, louvre vents
  • Stainless steel Toolboxes
  • Water Tanks
  • Flat top Mudguard
  • Tailgate Hardware – handles, bent tongue, etc
  • Steps and Ladders
  • Cargo Control & Side Protection
  • Drawer Slides
  • Vehicle Interior Accessories
  • Acoustic Materials, Paneling and Flooring
  • Hardware Consumables